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Do you want a bread and butter coaching job you can do easily from home while building your practice?

Monika Hoyt from monikahoyt.com is seeking a therapist or relationship coach to provide remote coaching sessions for 20 hours per week on an hourly basis. This position involves no hustling for clients, no insurance paperwork, minimal documentation/tracking, and no overhead … For more information on this job opportunity click below!

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If you are a satisfied customer of Profitable Practices, we’ll make you a unique promo code for 20% off the purchase of video packages to share with your colleagues or any one interested in creating a successful practice. But wait there’s more, through this affiliate program, YOU pocket 50% of any revenue generated from the sales using your promo code. In fact, Profitable Practice subscriber from Italy, Elena Defranchesi, made 110 dollars just from one purchase using her promo code! If you also want to make the same profit simply by having people use your promo code, then keep an eye out for an email containing your unique promo code!

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A word from Elena,
I am Elena Defranchesi, an Italian Psychologist, and I shared Dr. Chloe’s Profitable Practices link in some Linkedin groups for Italian Psychologists. There are many of us for such a small country. However, I didn’t get any responses from that because English is still hard for most of my colleagues here. Then, I thought of contacting an alumni community (about 25,000) from an online business school, based in the US, that I participated in, and there were plenty of people looking to make a profitable business, mainly coaches and some psychologists. Two of them (both psychologists, one from the US and one from London) asked me more about your videos. Then I thought about facebook groups for psychologists, but many of them only operate locally. After contacting these various groups, one person purchased a subscription using Elena’s code, and she made a profit of 110 dollars! I feel very close to many of the things Dr. Chloe said on the videos, and this is the reason why I love to hear her so much. I always try to improve myself by learning different skills in copywriting and marketing from the best courses.
Thank you,
Elena Defranchesi
Check out Elena’s website here.

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