1. Does Dr. Chloe offer private tutoring?


Yes.  The fee for private tutoring is $1k per 60 minutes.  During this time, you’re free to ask about anything you want, including questions about exactly who she uses for certain services such as web design, advertising, billing, legal advice, employee recruiting, etc.  You’re also free to ask her to role-play with you exactly how she manages free 15-minute calls and segues them into paid bookings if the client seems like a good fit; personally review your advertising profile or website; brainstorm ideas on how you personally could leverage your local network for success, get featured in the media, or whatever else you wish to discuss!  Please note that you must apply for private tutoring.  To apply, please click here


2. I’m still a student.  Is it too early for me to watch these videos?


Congratulations on being here and thinking about private practice even while you’re still in school!  That’s when Dr. Chloe started thinking about it, too.  There are definitely things you can do NOW to start preparing.  You can design your ads, website, business cards, etc NOW (you can always change them later- still just a good idea to start some rough drafts!); plus you can start making sure your LinkedIn contacts are constantly updated.  You can also start social media accounts and a monthly newsletter so that you’ll have a ready-made following (even if it’s small, it’s better than nothing!) for when you start your practice.  Dr. Chloe kept a file of ideas for her practice during graduate school so that she had a running start when the time came to launch her practice. ProfitablePractices.net videos are a GREAT way to get yourself pointed in the right direction!


3.  Will Dr. Chloe do a 1-hour online video or even live in-person Q/A for my school, professional association, group of colleagues, etc?


Yes, possibly!  Dr. Chloe is always glad to meet motivated, interested, intelligent people who are interested in private practice success.  Complete the application form here to get started!


4. I’m on a budget.  How do I make this affordable?


The good news is that you can get all 10 video modules for just $279, or four monthly payments of only $74!  Moreover, the fee is considered a business expense by the IRS, so you don’t even have to pay taxes on this money!  Considering that most people pay 33% in taxes, this means that your effective out of pocket cost would be significantly LESS than $200.  If you were to get even ONE client from the skills you learned in these videos, you would EASILY recoup your investment.  The real question is, can you afford NOT to give yourself the advantages of ProfitablePractices?

Should I Spend The Money?


5. I’ve watched the ProfitablePractices.net modules and I love them so much I would like to refer some friends to sign up!  Can I get a commission for doing this?


Yes, very likely you can!  Congratulations to you for using the videos effectively for your own practice, and how wonderful that you’re willing to share the “secret” of some of your inspiration.  Please email profitable@drchloe.com with subject line “Commission Inquiry” for more details.


6. What happens on the group calls? 


Group coaching calls are an excellent opportunity for ProfitablePractices members to build community with like minded therapists and coaches; and gain support directly from Dr. Chloe regarding whatever questions you may have!  Past calls have included role plays of how to discuss fees with clients, how to get media attention, review and feedback of PsychologyToday profiles, blog brainstorming sessions, and discussions about goals for private practice.  Calls are recorded and available for playback on your member dashboard, and you can email your questions even if you can’t attend live.